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Spray Tan Preparation & Aftercare


·Shave the day before (or wax at least two days prior to appointment, yes I offer full body waxing. Please contact me to schedule your wax appointment before your spray tan.)


·Exfoliate with Infinity Sun non-abrasive body masque. (Infinity Sun Exfoliating Skin Renewal) ONLY use an abrasive exfoliant up to 3 days prior to your Infinity Sun Spray Tan Session as this will create abrasions on your skin that will interfere with the evenness of the application.

·DO NOT wear lotion

·DO NOT wear deodorant

·Wear loose, dark clothing, and open toed sandals (If it's raining outside, please wear loose long sleeves and loose yoga pants/sweatpants, loose slippers, and BRING AN UMBRELLA!! Water will ruin your spray tan!)

·It is your personal preference what you would like to wear while being spray tanned, you can wear a swim suit or your own underwear if you choose (wear old ones you don't care about, otherwise wash your clothes the same day or the next day to avoid possible stains), or if you don't want any tan lines at all, feel free to go nude. Do whatever is comfortable for YOU.

The FDA recommends the use of: eye covers, lip balm, nose filters, and disposable undergarments.


·Wait 2-4 hours (6 max) to shower or sweat. (The longer you wait, the darker your tan will get)

2 hours = light tan. 3-4 hours = medium tan 5-6 hours = dark tan

·Do not swim, as this will remove the sunless tanner (see FAQs below for more info)

·Use the Extend or Extend with Shimmer to keep the skin hydrated and make the tan last longer


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the spray tan last?

A: It all depends on how you take care of your tan. It can last about 7-10 days before starting to fade. With after care products it can last anywhere from 7-14 days before starting to fade.

Q: Will I look orange!?

A: No you will not look orange. This brand always has that bronze glow. The ONLY way you will look a hint of orange is if you go too dark too fast, which I won't allow because as the professional I will not allow you to go darker than your natural skin tone can handle. Basically, if the color you pick is too dark for your natural skin tone, it will look a hint of orange, more noticeable in the sun. If you're pretty fair, stick with the more light natural bronze tones, Low 1-10, and Medium 1-4. If you're already pretty tan then use the Medium 5-10 and High 1-10.

Q: How long until I can shower?

A: It's recommended to shower after 2-4 hours (6 hours max) with Rapid Ultra Dark. You can wait a couple hours longer if you'd like, but the longer you wait the darker your tan will get. Please see "Aftercare" listed above for more info.

Q: Can I workout after I get a spray tan?

A: No. You shouldn't sweat until after you shower. No crying either! ;)

Q: What should I wear after I get my spray tan?

A: Loose dark clothing and open toed sandals. Always check the weather and be prepared for rain. If is raining or is supposed to rain please dress accordingly and also bring an umbrella.

Q: Can I swim after I get a spray tan?

A: Yes you can, but it's not recommended to swim while you have your tan as it will cause it to fade, shortening the life of your tan. Swimming in a pool with chlorine will make your tan fade quickly the more times you go swimming and the longer you stay in the pool. Salt water pools and the ocean isn't as harmful to your tan as chlorine is, but it will still fade your tan over time depending on how many times you get in the water or how long you stay in the water.

Q: What do I do if my spray tan gets on my clothes or my bed sheets?

A: This product is water soluble (comes off with water). If it happens to get on your clothes or bed sheets just wash them. Don't let it set for too long as it may set and not come out. Make sure stain is completely gone before putting items in the dryer. The dryer will set the stain and then you're stuck with it.

Q: Will eyelash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

A: NO! NOVALASH is a high quality brand and will not damage your natural lashes at all. The only way your lashes can be ruined is if you pick/pull off your extensions. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! Please schedule an appointment with me to have your extensions removed for any reason! Otherwise your extensions will naturally fall off with the natural life cycle of your hair or if the Plantinum Bond Adhesive is at the end of its life.

Tips & Tricks

Tip: Infinity Sun recommends the use of water based sunscreen. Oil based sunscreen isn't good for your spray tan! Make sure to read the ingredients on the back to be sure it's water based.

Tip: Infinity Sun has 30 different shades of color to choose from by the turn of a dial. There are 10 shades of low, medium, and high. That means no mixing to try to recreate the same color you got last time. If you get a Low 8, and you want the same color you got last time, it will always look the same. Awesome right!?

Tip: Yes, IT'S OKAY to get an Infinity Sun spray tan while being PREGNANT! All you need is to get your doctors approval of the ingredients.

Tip: While being spray tanned, avoid looking down or bending your arms, etc. For a flawless finish, wait until I'm done drying you to avoid smudging the spray tan.

Tip: When showering, try to only wash the important parts, unless you're skin is dirty everywhere, to prolong your beautiful bronze tan.

Trick: After getting your spray tan use a towel to sit on your couch or the seat in your car to avoid possibly transferring/ruining your tan.

Trick: When drying off after showering or swimming, pat your skin dry. Do not rub it. Patting it dry will help prolong your tan.

Tip: After getting your Infinity Sun spray tan, be sure to avoid dryness by staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using the Infinity Sun Hydrating Skin Extender (Lotion) to ensure you keep that beautiful bronze glow!

Tip: Please DO NOT have any caffeine (coffee, soda, energy drinks, etc.) a couple hours prior to your eyelash extension appointment as it makes your eyes flutter and extremely difficult to work with.

Tip: Please do not wear any make up to your eyelash extension appointment, really make sure your lashes are free of all left over mascara. The adhesive doesn't stick well to dirty lashes.

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